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How well do you know Martin Luther King Jr.?

Martin Luther King Jr. was without a doubt the most celebrated and reviled Georgian ever born. On the holiday that marks his birthday, we offer this quiz about his life, which with time has inevitably receded in the shadow of his legacy.

"Bearing the Cross" by David J. Garrow; "Parting the Waters" and "Pillar of Fire" by Taylor Branch

  1. What name was King known by as a boy?
    1. Martin
    2. Michael
    3. Malcolm
  2. What legend did King have an unlikely brush with in his youth?
    1. "Gone With the Wind" star Clark Gable
    2. Golf legend Bobby Jones
    3. Coca-Cola magnate Robert W. Woodruff
  3. During seminary, what happened that could have derailed King’s ministerial career before it started?
    1. He nearly dropped out and enrolled in law school
    2. He wrestled with doubts about God's existence
    3. He seriously dated a white woman
  4. What was Coretta Scott's first impression of her future husband when she met him on a date in Boston?
    1. He was short
    2. He was a snappy dresser
    3. He was a charming conversationalist
    4. All of the above
  5. True or false: King didn't want to lead the Montgomery bus boycott.
    1. True
    2. False
  6. Where did King spend his first night in jail?
    1. Montgomery
    2. Albany
    3. Atlanta
  7. What was one of the worst things about King's imprisonment during the Albany movement of 1962?
    1. The food
    2. The snoring of a fellow prisoner
    3. Verbal abuse from the guards
  8. On what did King write his 1963 "Letter From Birmingham Jail"?
    1. The margins of a newspaper
    2. A manual typewriter
    3. Nothing. He dictated it to an aide through the bars of his cell
  9. True or false: King forgot his lines during his ''I Have a Dream" speech at the March on Washington in 1963.
    1. True
    2. False
  10. Where was King when he learned that he had won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize?
    1. At home having breakfast with his family
    2. In a hospital
    3. At the White House meeting with President Lyndon Johnson
  11. Was King in Selma, Ala., when state troopers attacked voting rights marchers in 1965?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  12. What 1966 incident dramatized the need for a civil rights movement in the North?
    1. He was attacked during a Chicago demonstration
    2. He led protests against police brutality in Detroit
    3. He was refused entry to a private club in New York
  13. What controversial stand did King take in early 1967?
    1. He condemned the militant black power movement
    2. He said he'd work against Johnson's re-election
    3. He spoke out against the war in Vietnam
  14. What was the closest King came to being killed before he went to Memphis in 1968?
    1. When a deranged woman stabbed him
    2. When his Montgomery house was bombed
    3. When an FBI note suggested he kill himself
  15. After King was assassinated, where was his body first interred in Atlanta?
    1. The future site of the King Center
    2. Southview Cemetery on Jonesboro Road
    3. Oakland Cemetery

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