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Scary movie quiz

Test your random knowledge about scary movies

  1. Which famous horror movie's theme music was written by the movie's director?
    1. "Pyscho"
    2. "Exorcist"
    3. "Jaws"
    4. "Halloween"
  2. What is the name of the killer clown in Stephen King's "It"?
    1. Pogo
    2. Pennywise
    3. Uncle Stabby
    4. Krusty
  3. Who played Freddy Krueger in most of the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' movies?
    1. Robert Englund
    2. Robert London
    3. Robert Frances
    4. Robert Ireland
  4. Which actor had a brief role in the original "Friday the 13th"?
    1. Kevin Spacey
    2. Kevin Costner
    3. Kevin Bacon
    4. Kevin Pollak
  5. In the first "Saw," Gordon and Adam attempt to fool the camera by faking Adam's death by which method?
    1. strangulation
    2. a poisoned cigarette
    3. suffocation
    4. a fight to the finish
  6. In "The Blair Witch Project," what is the name of the creek area where, according to legend, a search party was found massacred in 1886?
    1. The London Shallows
    2. Burkit's Bend
    3. Witch's Corner
    4. Coffin Rock
  7. In "The Shining," what is the number of the room that Danny is drawn to?
    1. 237
    2. 732
    3. 327
    4. 273
  8. In the first "Final Destination" movie, the school teacher has which tragedy befall her in her home?
    1. Her computer blows up in her face
    2. A set of kitchen knives falls on her
    3. Her house blows up
    4. All of the above
  9. In "The Ring," the role of Rachel, played by Naomi Watts, was first offered to:
    1. Jennifer Connelly
    2. Gwyneth Paltrow
    3. Kate Beckinsale
    4. All of the above
  10. In "Psycho," what is Norman Bates' hobby?
    1. Bird watching
    2. Taxidermy
    3. Working on his car
    4. Knife sharpening

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